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How Scan123 built a scalable lead engine and increased conversion rate by 1,250%

Key Results

Automated sales process
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The Challenge

Unable to drive qualified sales meetings

To generate leads Scan123 relied primarily on a call center that would cold call auto dealerships with the goal of booking sales demos for their document management solution. The booking service typically scheduled 10-15 meetings per month but only a handful of prospects would actually show up for the call. Scan123 had tried other lead generation efforts in the past with little success so they continued to use the “bookers” despite the low ROI.

To scale their business and hit their aggressive MRR targets Scan123 needed a smarter, cost effective, and efficient way to prospect at scale. To maximize their lead generation efforts Scan123 partnered with Upside.

The Solution

To build a strong foundation for lead generation, Upside worked with the Scan123 team to better understand their market, current customers, sales process, and software platform. Upside used the information to create a custom multi-channel lead generation engine tailored to meet Scan123’s aggressive revenue targets.

Identifying the “boomerang buyer”

Before executing their lead gen strategy, the Upside team worked with the Scan123 team to create new internal processes so they would be positioned for success once the leads began to roll in. Upside started by retrofitting Scan123’s Hubspot instance with new workflows to notify the sales team of new leads, and created a custom deal handoff process to ensure leads were being serviced in a timely manner. What was once a manual process was now effortless and 100% automated, freeing up the Scan123 sales team to focus on closing deals.

Once the new workflows were in place, Upside turned their attention to the sales funnel itself. During bi-weekly strategic meetings Upside discovered that the majority of Scan123’s leads would go dark for a period of time after a demo. The Scan123 team assumed these leads were “dead” and they would be marked as “closed/lost.” Instead the prospect was actually taking time to socialize the product within their dealership. Typically they would return about 30+ days later asking for more information or a second demo with other stakeholders. Upside named these leads “boomerang buyers.”

Because Scan123’s offering is relatively low-cost, they architected their sales process to assume a close in 14 days or less. After the first sales demo, there was no followup beyond 2 weeks, so if the lead didn’t close within 14 days, the close rate dropped significantly. The Scan123 team didn’t have the resources to stay in front of these leads for a long period of time and simply weren’t set up to close the boomerang buyer effectively. This resulted in a large percentage of lost sales which further decreased the ROI of Scan123’s marketing and sales efforts.

Using automation to cultivate a “No lead left behind” mentality

To solve this problem, Upside created a series of sales automations to systematically stay in-front of every post-demo or post-proposal lead. The goal of the automations was to stay top of mind and push the lead to make a decision without having to put more work on the sales team. This effort created a “no lead left behind” capability for Scan123, with automated follow up triggers to help close more of these boomerang buyers. The new sales automations enabled Scan123 to focus their resources and ramp up their close rate. 

Leveraging technology to achieve outreach at scale

With the sales team operating at peak efficiency, it was time to turn up the lead volume with outbound outreach. Upside worked with the Scan123 team to identify their ideal buyer and build a prospect list for the auto dealer and home care markets. The booker team was limited by how many calls they could make in a day, but Upside’s automated outreach at scale enabled them to connect with thousands of businesses simultaneously and nurture them through the sales funnel with no manual effort. 

When a lead was ready for a demo, meetings were booked directly on the sales rep’s calendar. Post-demo a deal was auto-generated in Hubspot and tasks were automatically assigned to the sales rep. Leads that went dark after 30 days were placed back in the outbound sequence for re-engagement. The results were immediate. The outbound campaigns achieved engagement metrics far above the industry average and Upside began generating a significant amount of warm leads for the Scan123 sales team.

Outbound campaign results

Auto Dealers

  • Open: 41.4% | Clicks 15.8% | Replies 3.4%

Home Care Companies 

  • Open: 34.4% | Clicks 12.7% | Replies 2.6%

Augmenting with inbound PPC

To supercharge lead gen, Upside launched a series of PPC campaigns targeting the home care and auto markets. The goal was to get in front of prospects when they were searching for ways to better store vital documents. Conversion-focused landing pages were also created and A/B tested to capture the attention of PPC traffic and drive them towards a demo. Inbound PPC leads were directly funneled to sales through Hubspot workflows so the team could easily engage, set a meeting, or follow up at another time. Upside also built a follow up sequence for any leads that never replied back or went dark to make sure that no one fell through the cracks.

Scan123 had tried PPC previously with little to no success but Upside’s approach yielded impressive results. 

Scan123 Managed PPC: Aug 2018 – Dec 2020 (2+ years)

  • Cost/Conv $271
  • Conv Rate 0.16% 
  • 20 conversions

Upside Managed PPC: Feb 2021 – Nov 2021 (10 months)

  • Cost/Conv $213.57 – 21% decrease
  • Conv Rate 2.60% – 1,250% Increase
  • 93 conversions – 365% increase

Bringing the Boomerang Buyer back into the fold with retargeting

Retargeting on social media, especially for the boomerang buyer made logical sense. After a buyer met with sales for a demo or visited the site, they would typically wait 30 – 60 days before purchasing. To keep Scan123 top of mind, Upside implemented Facebook and Instagram retargeting ad campaigns. Now engaged prospects from Upside’s outbound campaigns were being retargeted on social media and contacted systematically through email, so when the prospect was ready to buy, Scan123 would be there.

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