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Identify your ideal client

We start with a deep dive into your business, industry, current clients, and service offering to create your 'Ideal Client Profile' (ICP). Using your ICP we create a list of your total addressable market that is most likely to buy from you so we can get laser-focused on exactly who we need to target. No more wasted time reaching out to prospects that were never going to become customers in the first place. 

Business Assessment
Ideal Client Profile

Create outbound email sequences

Our team writes personalized multi-touch email sequences designed to generate a response. These sequences are executed using sales automation software which enables us to communicate with thousands of people simultaneously, increasing our chances of finding prospects that are ready to buy. Each message is A/B split tested so we’re always learning and refining our message to increase engagement rates.

Multi-touch email
A/B Split test

Launch and nurture

Once we launch the campaign our team will handle all prospect replies. We’ll educate prospects on your offering, qualify them, and make sure that they’re a decision-maker. When they’re ready to talk, we’ll hand them off to your sales team. If they don’t show up, we also provide a “missed meeting” follow up to reengage them and get them back to the table.

Prospect education
Missed meeting followup

Analyze, optimize, repeat

We keep careful track of open, click, and engagement rates so we can continually tweak our approach and messaging. This is NOT a set it and forget it campaign. We actively manage the outreach to make sure we’re maximizing our chances of success. We also meet with your team every two weeks to share results, discuss lead quality, uncover insights, and identify relevant company and industry information to drive more leads.  

Bi-weekly strategy sessions
Campaign optimization
“Upside has delivered us new accounts year over year that we couldn't have landed on our own.”
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