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Add fuel to your sales pipeline across every aspect of your sales funnel. One step at a time, or full speed ahead - the choice is yours.

We're eager to listen to your story, understand your challenges, and discover where you want to take your business.  Let's talk and see how Upside can best support you.


Boost your sales, reach your goals

We understand that few businesses have the resources and capabilities to handle all aspects of sales and marketing effectively.  Our team plugs the gaps in your sales and marketing efforts with our comprehensive and tailored made pipeline solutions for every aspect of your sales funnel. We save you time and resources by handling your lead generation efforts and testing new channels, allowing you to focus on your core operations and activities. Regardless if you are just getting off the ground or are ready to launch...we can help accelerate your pipeline.

Upside solves your sales pipeline challenges...


We need to grow revenue but don’t have the budget to add headcount


We’ve achieved steady growth but we need to turn up the velocity

Follow up

We don’t have the time to follow up with hundreds of prospects


We only have time to focus on closing, not on prospecting


Our pipeline is stagnant and our leads take forever to close


Our CRM is a total mess and we’re not sure how to fix it

Content Creation

Our marketing assets are outdated and make us look unprofessional

Lead Funnel

We have a new product but we don’t have the resources to build a sales funnel

Custom engagements based on your needs

Other B2B lead gen companies run paint-by-numbers, one-size-fits all playbooks. We don’t have playbooks, every engagement is built custom to your specific business needs. First we learn about your offering, your industry, and your ideal client, then we create a tailored solution designed for long-term sustainable growth.


Consulting + execution

When you work with Upside you get access to VP level sales knowledge, combined with in-the-trenches execution. We’re not just another think tank, we do the heavy lifting, find the gaps in your processes, and then actually dive in and get our hands dirty, creating emails,  landing pages, retargeting campaigns, datasheets, and case studies, and implementing a CRM and sales automation tools. All in the service of generating high-quality warm leads for your sales team.

“Upside has delivered us new accounts year over year that we couldn't have landed on our own.”
Quote_Chris Bishow_Extreme Precision
Chris Bishow

Extreme Precision - Director of Operations

Pipeline optimization and deal acceleration

We don’t just deliver leads, we work with you to understand why prospects stall at specific stages of the funnel and don’t convert. If necessary we also audit your sales and marketing CRM and automation tools to identify opportunities for improvement, and review your sales processes, assets, and pitch to improve pipeline velocity and help you close more deals.


Data-driven iteration

We live by the adage, “We don’t want to be right, we want to get it right.” We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but what we don’t know, we learn through data-driven iteration. We continually monitor all outgoing nurture communications, making tweaks, writing new copy and creating new assets to find the perfect combination for success. This is NOT a “set it and forget it” program. It’s an actively managed campaign built and tweaked to get results.



Maximum deliverability and reach more prospects!

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