About Us

Upside is a lead generation agency based in Southern California built by sales experts focused on the art and science of measurable outreach at scale.


Our team is a blend of sales and lead gen experts with eclectic skill sets that are absolutely obsessed with growing your business.

You won’t find any cookie-cutter lead gen strategies here. We rely on our proven process as a framework, but all content, targeting lists, and strategies are 100% custom to your business. If you’ve having trouble meeting your revenue targets with your current resources, plug us in and watch the sales leads start to roll in.

“Upside has delivered us new accounts year over year that we couldn't have landed on our own. They're not just our partner but our sales team.”
Quote_Chris Bishow_Extreme Precision
Chris Bishow

Director of Operations

About Our Founder

I've been on a quest for over 15 years to find and apply the best ways to scale fast-growth for small and midsize B2B companies.  Every year, better ideas, processes, and technologies have emerged.  Staying on the forefront of those strategies and leveraging the right technology with a human first, data influenced touch can bring the best ideas to bear on helping businesses to grow and overcome the hurdles that hold them back.   

After many years of building sales and lead generation teams, Upside Sales was started to give those experiences back and learn even more by applying leading edge, scalable business development strategies to companies postured for growth.

I hope our team can partner with you next.


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